My Top Secret Resources Revealed

Hi everyone, I haven’t been active on my own blog for several – ouch – years. However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t done anything at all – quite the opposite. In fact, I have not only created many websites in the past few years – I’ve also created many videos and audio products as

19 Mar 2014

How To Get Statistics For A Facebook “Like” Button And Shared URLs

The last article showed how to add a Facbook “Like” button to your website and observing the click event on the button to track and/or do something else with JavaScript when a user clicks on the “Like” button. Now you might want to get some information on the URL via some automated processes like cronjobs

28 May 2010

How To Capture And Track Clicks On The Facebook “Like” Button

The Facebook “Like” button is being added to more and more websites. If you also want to add the “Like” button to your website there are two possible options available. You can either use an iframe directly and generate the code on the Facebook website or use Facebook’s own XFBML extensions to HTML. Because integration

25 May 2010

How To Locate Your Website Visitors Via IP

More and more websites are using a geolocation service to show advertisements and offers near a visitor’s location. Using such a service on your own website is quite easy. This post only focuses on using the MaxMind GeoIP City database based on IP addresses and using it with PHP because I have already implemented this

13 Oct 2009

Looking for JV Partners/Affiliates For A Halloween-Related Product

I know that I haven’t posted here for a long time and this is actually because I’m working hard for the Halloween season creating many digital products most of which will be available for free on my German website Be assured that a Halloween website in English is coming next year. It will be

11 Sep 2009

Refactoring Your PHP Code

This article describes in a nutshell what I learned from the Refactoring Workshop with Lars Jankowfsky and Thorsten Rinne at the International PHP Conference 2009 Spring Edition in Berlin some weeks ago. The main focus was on refactoring and test-driven development which I always wanted to do but actually never did. I had already installed

07 Jul 2009

Bing’s Blatant Censorship In Germany

Microsoft’s new search (decision) engine decides too much in Germany with very blatant and in my opinion stupid censorship despite no obvious reason for it. Of course Google doesn’t have these problems in Germany, so with Google in Germany you may actually search for a new pantyhose with Bing it’s impossible (this link only shows

07 Jun 2009

How To Hide Links To Avoid NoFollow PageRank Sculpting Issues

Just recently Google’s Matt Cutts announced a change in how Google handles NoFollow attributes in links thus making a “rel=nofollow” useless on your JavaScript-enabled onClick event handlers. The best method in this case would be to hide links on your page that you would normally have used “nofollow” on so you could only show them

06 Jun 2009

6 Free Nature Wallpapers For Your Desktop

From time to time as a way of saying thank you for reading my blog I’m releasing some free graphics as well. Here are 6 free exclusive wallpapers for your desktop with a resolution of 1280×1024 pixels so best suitable for 19″ although they can of course be used on lower or higher resolutions as

02 Jun 2009

How To Use The Bing Webmaster Tools To Get Info On Your Site

Just today, Microsoft’s new search engine, has launched. Surely you have already checked out the search results and checked positions of your favorite keywords. But have you also checked out all the tools Microsoft now offers webmasters to analyze their websites? Verify Ownership Of Your Website Just go to the Bing Webmaster Center and

01 Jun 2009
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